Collection Guide

2 core collection rugs-1.jpg

  • Elegant and sophisticated contemporary designs
  • Bespoke service for colour, size and design
  • Various quality options available


eklektic collection luxury rugs.jpg

  • Beautiful subtle abstract designs
  • Hand Knotted from natural materials
  • Many pieces available from stock in various sizes


benniz moroccan berber.jpg

  • Traditional tribal rugs in unique modern colourways
  • One-off pieces
  • Oversized pieces available from our showroom


gum gum kelim.jpg

  • Flatwoven rugs created from Gazni Wool
  • Traditional inspired designs
  • Perfect for a cool casual look


one of a kind rugs.jpg

  • Beautiful, original, one-off pieces from around the world
  • Styles include modern, traditional and transitional pieces
  • All pieces available from our showroom




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  • A premium collection of cutting edge rug designs created using traditional methods
  • An innovative fusion of abstract and traditional designs in soft modern colours
  • Extremely finely constructed with blended colours, carved pile and high silk content


twisted yarn rugs.jpg

  • Contemporary abstract designs
  • Exciting unique designs in a range of colours
  • Hand Knotted from natural materials


urban punk rug.jpg

  • Bold statement pieces in an edgy modern style
  • Unique designs available from stock or to order
  • Hand Knotted from natural materials


vintage refreshed rugs.jpg

  • Genuine antique Persian and Anatolian rugs regenerated for modern settings
  • One-off pieces full of character and charm
  • Many options available from stock