The Art of Handmade 

Our Qualities:

Hand Knotted Indian and Nepalese Rugs - Collections: Core Collection, Eklektic Collection, Twisted Yarns, Thibault Van Renne, Urban Punk and Bespoke

Used for centuries, the art form of hand knotting produces rugs that are full of character and can provide a lifetime of service. We use Himalayan or Bikaner wool which is high in lanolin, giving softness and a natural stain resistance. The wool is hand carded and hand spun, giving an unregimented finish that will add interest to the surface of the rug. In many pieces we also introduce highlights of Imperial Chinese Silk and hand carved high and low pile for a textural effect.

indian hand knotted rug wool and silk.jpg

Indian Hand Knotted Rug- Bohemia Range- Eklektic Collection                                                              Indian Hand Knotted Rug- Colours of Life Range- Twisted Yarns Collection

The hand knotting process can take up to four weavers several months to complete depending on the knot type. Our Core Collection rugs are made using the Tibetan weave where the knots are hand tied over metal rods. 100 knots per linear foot is our standard quality, however some designs can be made in a 60 or 80 knot. This gives a slightly chunkier appearance and reduces the cost but has the same durability. Our Indian rugs are created with the traditional Persian knot which can take a little longer to produce.

nepalese hand knotted rug 60 knot and 100 knot.jpg

Nepalese Hand Knotted 60 Knot- Core Collection or Bespoke                                                             Nepalese Hand Knotted 100 Knot- Core Collection or Bespoke

At Bazaar Velvet, we are proud members of the charity GoodWeave. This ensures all our designer rugs are created in safe conditions and without child labour.


Flatwoven Rugs - Collections: Gum Gum Kelims

Our flatweaves or Kelims are created in Pakistan from Gazni wool. They don’t have any pile to them, so are easy to clean and very hardwearing. They are a price effective solution, and are ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere in more informal areas of the home. 

kelim flatweave rug.jpg

Gum Gum Kelim Green                                                                                                                    Gum Gum Kelim Blue


Moroccan Berbers - Collections: Benniz Berbers

These very special rugs are created by the Benni Quarain Berber tribe of the Atlas Mountains. Warm, soft and flexible, with a shaggy wool pile- the characteristics of the Berber rug can be traced back to its original use- bedding for the nomadic tribespeople. Wool from their flock of sheep was dyed in small pots and hand knotted on a loom. The rugs in our collection are still made using the same traditional techniques from hundreds of years ago.

moroccan berber hand knotted rug.jpg

Benniz Berber Indigo


Overdyed Rugs - Collections: Vintage Refreshed

These rugs originate from antique Persian or Anatolian rugs. The original pieces are put through a process beginning with 4-6 months of sun fading. The natural faded effect is either left, or the piece overdyed in dramatic modern colours. Finished pieces have a very low pile, often with visible signs of wear, which further adds to their charm. Elements of the original design ghosting through the dye giving a varied colour finish, making them extremely forgiving and suitable for any modern or classic setting.

refreshed vintage patchwork and persia reloaded overdyed rug.jpg

Vintage Patchwork                                                                                                                           Persia Reloaded


Hand Tufted Rugs  - Collections: Select Core Collection Designs and Simple Bespoke Designs

We refer to our Hand Tufted designer rugs as our ‘Contract Quality’. Although still created by hand, they are available at a lower price point and speedier delivery time than a hand knotted rug. They are created in 16/16 quality, which is the maximum density for this method. We do not hold stock of hand tufted rugs, but have quality samples to be viewed before placing an order.

hand tufted rug wool and silk.jpg

Hand Tufted New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk                                                                              Hand Tufted New Zealand Wool